Tomoo Miyahara

  • 量子化学研究協会研究所 (量化研) – 第三部門 部門長
    Quantum Chemistry Research Institute, Head of Division Three

Author of

12 Circular Dichroism Spectra of Uridine Derivatives: ChiraSac Study,
J. Phys. Chem. A (in press).
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Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 105, 7341-7352 (2001).

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Invited lectures

4 ??????Conformational dependence of circular dichroism spectra with ChiraSac study,
Cambodian Malaysian Chemical Conference (CMCC) 2012,

?Sem Reap, Cambodia,
?Oct. 19-21, 2012
3 Helical structure and circular dichroism spectra of DNA : SAC-CI study,
Kyoto, Japan,
Apr. 30 2011 (In Japanese).
2 Photo-electronic processes of giant molecular systems : photo-induced phase transition of TTF-TCNE crystal and circular dichroism spectroscopy of DNA components,
The 3rd Japan-Czech-Slovakia Joint Symposium for Theoretical/Computaional Chemistry,
Bratislava, Slovakia,
Sep. 9-12, 2009.
1 Toward giant-system quantum science computations: application to DNA and molecular crystal,
SuperComputer Workshop 2009,
Okazaki, Japan,
Jan. 19-21 2009 (In Japanese).