Direct Determination of 2-RDM

Directly solving 2nd-order reduced density matrices without using wavefunctions

?? Since any basic operators of properties include only one- and two-electron operators, all the properties of molecules can be calculated if the exact second-order density matrices are given. The second-order density matrix depends only on 4 electron coordinates at maximum. Therefore, we may construct quantum mechanics using the second-order density matrix as a basic variable instead of the wave function (Wave Mechanics without Wave).

?? Nakatsuji presented in 1976 a basic equation called density equation (or later called contracted Schrödinger equation, again in the West World) which is equivalent to the Schrödinger equation in the space of the density-matrix. In 1996, by improving Valdemoro’s theory, Nakatsuji and Yasuda firstly solved the density equation for real molecules. In 2001, Nakatsuji and Nakata further invented a variational method for directly solving the second-order density matrices of molecules using positive semi-definite programming (SDP) algorithm. This method was further shown to be stable under the multi-reference and strong-correlation situations.

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